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Pre-Repair Preparation Checklist For Mobile Devices & MacBooks 

1. Back Up Your Mobile Device Or MacBook.

Cell Clinic is not responsible for data that may be lost during a repair. While we have never lost data during a hardware repair, however, due to technical difficulties involved with some repairs (i.e. board repairs), it is possible your data could be lost during a repair. 

The loss of data is a common occurrence when performing a software repair so please backup your data if possible before bringing in your device for a software related issue. 

Back Up

2. Testing Your Mobile Device Or MacBook & Passcodes.

We will run your device through a computer generated diagnostic process to determine the performance of the device or MacBook, and the repair we have completed. We will need your passcode/password in order to run the diagnostic. 


If you're not comfortable providing your passcode/password you can opt out of the testing, or you can temporarily remove the passcode from your device or MacBook.  If you opt out diagnostic testing we will not be able to effectively test the  performance or your device, or the repair we performed. 

Testing & Passcodes

3. Charge Your Device Or MacBook*

To ensure we can complete your repair as quickly as possible please charge your device if possible before bringing it to the Cell Clinic. 


*For MacBook repairs please bring your charger with you when you drop off.


4. Wait Times

On average most mobile device repairs are completed within 1-2 hours, some as fast as in 30-45 minutes. Wait times are never guaranteed and will be extended on busy days.

For MacBook repairs - wait times are from 1-3 days - depending on the complexity of the repair and if parts will need to be ordered that we do not have in stock.

Wait Times

5. Special Order Parts

For special parts orders we require a 50% deposit fee on the part required. OR If leave your device with us, there is NO deposit required. 

Special Order Parts
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