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Top 5 Reasons To Buy An Unlocked iPhone Over A New Android


Phone manufacturers routinely roll out phones with new features to try to entice you to... "upgrade now!" In the initial years of the iPhone and Android each newly released phone delivered distinct improvements, making it worth the splurge to purchase the new 'must have' model — some people even stood in line for over 200 hours for a chance to buy one. In recent years however, upgrading your phone has begun to lose its appeal.

Longest Waits for Apple Products

Why purchase a new Android when there are so many great unlocked pre-owned certified iPhones available for purchase? Here are five reasons to help you decide for yourself:


1. Don't be tethered - choose 'unlocked'

An unlocked phone is a great choice – because it is not bound to a specific phone carrier's termed plan. This untethered freedom will allow you to be able to shop around for the best plan / deal that is right for you. Maybe a pay as you go top-up SIM card plan would work best. Having an unlocked phone also makes traveling easier – just purchase an in-country SIM card once you arrive, to use in your phone during your stay.

2. Know you are buying the best

The iPhone SE and the 6 series for example, are highly rated phones – and you can pick one up for a great price compared to an equivalent Android phone. iPhones: are faster, have better hardware and software integration, don't come loaded with bloatware, you get the best apps first, is the easiest phone to use, has the best customer support, has Apple Pay integration, and works beautifully with Mac computers. - from tomsguide

3. Save on repairs

Android phones are more expensive to repair, for example a Samsung 7 Edge screen replacement will cost you on average $350+ and in comparison, an iPhone 7+ screen replacement is $159* at the Cell Clinic (*w/ $10 off booking discount). There are many reputable manufacturers for certified iPhone replacement parts - but fewer options for Android phones as there are too many various Android make and model options for suppliers to offer.

4. Get more money for trade-in

A phone is an investment – it is how we stay connected on the go, capture memorable photos / videos, access our digital music library, and much more.

But what if you wanted to trade your phone in for a newer one sometime in the future — which phone would be a better buy... an Android or an iPhone? To guarantee the best return – go with an iPhone.

"An iPhone tends to retain its value better than any other smartphone on the market. If you're on the fence between the two... go [for] Apple." - from c|net

5. Don't just buy one

You can purchase a certified unlocked iPhone starting at around $100, which makes it possible to have more than just one. Having a back up phone in case you drop or damage your phone can come in handy in moments of emergency (just swap out the SIM card). And there are other practical uses for having an extra phone: keep one in the glove box during road-trips as a backup, use it for additional music or file storage, lend it to a fussy child to use as a soothing gaming console... and there are probably a few other great reasons to have an extra phone, or two on hand.

Consider purchasing a certified pre-owned iPhone from the Cell Clinic today.

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