5 Tips on Getting The Most Out of Your Cell Phone Battery Life

With all the new innovation going into smartphones and cell phones these days, the one limitation of them seems to be the life of the batteries used. Most cellphone batteries currently last the user a day at best, with normal use. This constant need to be attached to the wall charger, or use a heavy-duty battery pack case can be extremely annoying. Although here at Cell Clinic Vancouver we do carry a number of products to extend the life of your battery, we cannot physically make your battery more powerful. We can however offer 5 tips to improve the daily life of your battery on your smartphone or cell phone.

1. Watch your signal strength

When you have a low signal strength, your phone is constantly working much harder to find the signal it needs to run the cellular components of your cellphone. If you are more concerned about your battery life than staying connected, consider turning your phone on “airplane mode”. This will cut the connection from your cell phone to the cellular tower, and your battery will not be drained.

2. Turn the phones brightness down

It may be nice having that bight and glowing screen at first, but our eyes naturally adjust to brightness levels. What may seem dim at first will slowly adjust to a point where you won’t notice that you have turned it down at all. Now don’t turn it all the way down to a point where you are struggling to see the screen. A nice balance of about half way is enough to significantly improve your battery life, and not make you strain to see your cell phone screen.

3. Reconsider your choice in a live wallpaper

If may look really neat but maybe the novelty of a live action wallpaper has worn off. By turning this feature off, you will indeed see an improvement of your battery life.

4. Close your Apps

You may or may not know that when you switch from one app to another, the other app is still running in the background. Apps like Google Maps can eat up your battery life in minutes. To prevent this, close down your apps when you are done using them. Every cell phone or smartphone does this differently. On the iPhone simply double tap the home button and swipe up on the app to close it. On some Samsung cellphones there is actually a button on the bottom left of the screen that allows you to open all the apps and manually close them.

5. See if your cell phone has a “power saving mode”

Some of the newer cellphones and smartphones have a feature called power saving mode. This will limit the phone down to its primary features such as calling and texting. Do doing so, your cell phone will reduce its usage significantly, and result in an overall longer lasting battery.

If all these tips fail to improve the daily life of your battery and you still cant make it a full day without charging up the phone, you may need a new battery replacement. Batteries for most Samsung devices can be swapped out easily, but for phones such as the iPhone, you may need to take it into a cell phone repair shop like Cell Clinic Vancouver to get the replacement done.

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