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Get The Most Life From Your Cell Phone Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are used for high-powered devices such as cell phones, laptops, electric vehicles, and other devices. They offer optimal battery power to allow a cell phone's battery to last for its maximum life span, which is dependent on its use and environment. The many new innovations being adapted into mobile devices today are placing more and more stress/limitations on batteries. Older phones running new software cause stress to batteries. On a daily average, fully charged cell phone batteries last a user a day at best, with normal use.

However, the definition of "normal use" changes as people are more attached/dependent on their cell phones. The result of a low battery means staying close to a wall plug or battery pack during your day, which can be annoying, and also hard on a device. Cell Clinic offers a one-year warranty on battery replacements, which means we are confident that the performance of the batteries we use, stands the test of an average user in today's environment. Everyone is interested in extending the life of their mobile device battery. The Cell Clinic offers the following tips to improve the life of your cell phone battery on a day-to-day basis and overall battery health performance.

Watch your signal strength

When you have low signal strength, your phone is constantly working much harder to find the signal and hence drains battery power. If you are more concerned about extending your battery life than you are about staying connected consider turning your phone onto “airplane mode” until you need to use it. This will cut the connection from your cell phone to the cellular tower and reduce the drain on your battery.

Turn the brightness down on the screen

It may be nice having that bright and glowing screen at first, but our eyes naturally adjust to brightness levels. What may seem dim at first will slowly adjust to a point where you won’t notice that you have turned it down at all. There is no need to turn it so low that you're struggling to see the screen. A nice balance of about halfway is enough to significantly improve your battery life while helping to avoid eye strain.

Reconsider your choice of a live wallpaper

It may look cool, but turning off live-action wallpaper will improve your battery life.

Close your Apps

You may or may not know that when you switch from one app to another, the other app is still running in the background. Apps like Google Maps can eat up your battery life in minutes. To prevent this, close down your apps when you are done using them. Every cell phone or smartphone does this differently. On the iPhone simply double tap the home button and swipe up on the app to close it. On some Samsung cellphones there is actually a button on the bottom left of the screen that allows you to open all the apps and manually close them.

Power save mode

Some of the newer cellphones and smartphones have a feature called power saving mode. This will limit the phone down to its primary features such as calling and texting. Doing so will reduce the use of your cell phone significantly, and result in overall longer-lasting battery health.

Software updates

Charing your cell phone while operating apps can cause your battery to heat and Make it a habit to charge your phone when you aren't using the device. Running apps at the same time your device is charging can heat the phone and put more stress on the battery.

When your device ages, downloading the latest software may stress your battery if the new software isn't designed for the specifications of an older device. Your solution to reduce the impact of this issue can be helped by following the above tips and also taking a pause to download a new version of the manufacturer's software if your device is working well and you don't need the new update to run the apps you use. Charging

Consider using a partial charge that restores the battery to 80% instead of 100%. The last 20% charge is the hardest and longest charging period of the battery. If that's not possible unplug the device as soon as it reaches 100%.

Charge your phone with good-quality cables and adapters. There are several well-trusted brands on the market and a lot of bad ones. There is no need to use the OEM power adapter/charging cable but be careful with the poor-quality ones you see in various retail outlets. The Cell Clinic offers both original OEM cables/adapters, and high-quality Ampsentrix / Otterbox cables and power adapters.

Cell phone limitations

Avoid using your phone as a gaming device for long periods of time. Gaming consoles are better positioned to withstand heavy use.

Environment The overall health and longevity of your battery is also dependent on its environment. Extended exposure to heat/cold or water may cause the battery to swell or perform poorly. If your battery is swelling and creating a budging effect in your phone that may or may not cause the screen to lift, is a sign that the battery must be replaced at your earliest convenience -- for safety and performance reasons.

If all these tips fail to improve the daily life of your battery and you still can't make it a full day without charging your phone, you may need to take your device to a cell phone repair shop like the Cell Clinic to complete the battery replacement.

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