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What should I do with my old cell phone?

Cellphones and other electronic devices are well known to be a huge contributor to e-waste. Many people are often wondering what they can do to help out with the e-waste issue and most importantly what to do with their old cell phones when they are done using them.

Your phone could have value

If your cell phone is less than 7 years old, it likely still has value. Most new smartphones in 2022 cost more than $1000. Although their value does depreciate over time, they still do retain some and your device can be resold for cash or traded in for money off your next device.

If you are looking to sell your cell phone for quick cash, there are many sites online that offer this service. These services are great, just make sure you choose a reputable company. Be aware that these companies do exist in the pursuit of profit, so don't expect to get the highest amount of cash.

If you are looking to receive the highest payout for your old cell phone, Facebook Marketplace is a great tool. Make sure you take lots of pictures and describe the device as best you can to get the best results. eBay can also be a good tool but keep in mind that you will need to ship out the phone.

No matter what choice you make when selling your phone just be careful of scams and wipe all the data off your device to best protect yourself from bad actors.

Donate Your Device

Your old device could be a huge deal for someone that has an older device or none at all. There are many donation centres that will accept the donation of used electronics. Free Geek in Vancouver is one of those locations that will accept donations of all types of electronics including computers, tablets, smartwatches and smartphones.

In order to find some local charities that are in need of phones in their area check out the Community Help Map on Facebook. This can be an excellent resource to help locate these electronic drop-off locations.

Recycle your cell phone

If your phone has no resale value you always have the option to recycle your cell phone. Recycling your phone will make sure that harmful chemicals that are in the lithium-ion battery are disposed of properly. The precious metals in your old smartphone are broken down and reused in other products, cutting down on the resources needed to produce new products.

If you are still wondering what you can do with your old cell phone (or other electronic equipment) please feel free to reach out to and we would be happy to help you out.

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