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Selling a Cell Phone For The Most Cash

When you sell your cellphone it can be a great way to free up some extra cash but you want to be extra careful you do so without getting ripped off. Im writing this blog In hopes that you the reader will not be exposed to the many scammers waiting to rip you off if they get the chance.

At Cell Clinic, we specialise in selling and buying cell phones in the Vancouver and Surrey BC area. We also have a program where you can send in your device from anywhere in the country via Canada Post. If you want to sell your phone or upgrade to a newer one, Cell Clinic will help you every step of the way. These are some tricks on how to get the most out of selling your old phone:

The Price is Right

The best course of action when selling your phone is to do research on the prices your device is being bought back at. Many websites exist in Canada that allows you to do a price compare cell phone buyback prices. if you do a Google search you can compare prices to get a good idea of the prices in your area and also prices that require you to ship your device to them.

Preparing The Cell Phone

Before going ahead and actually selling your phone, it is very important to ensure you are aware of the condition of the phone is in. Check for any markings like scratches or cracks in the screen. If you are selling an iPhone, you can check the battery health in the setting of the iPhone. At Cell Clinic, we can help you repair any issues with your old cell phone, so you can sell it for the best price available in your area.

The Cell Clinic is here to walk you through the process of selling your phone for a great price. Please reach out if you need any assistance at all or use our online trade-in platform at

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