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Sell Your Apple Watch For Cash

You may have an old Apple Watch lying around and could use the extra cash. If that sounds like you, this article may just be what you need to read today. This is a quick tutorial on how to sell your Apple Watch for cash if you live in the Vancouver or Surrey, BC area. Once you read this, you can expect to have more knowledge when it comes to selling your old devices, including your Apple Watch.

Selling Your Apple Watch For Cash

Finding a trusted location is the number one priority when selling a used device. Do you want to avoid selling to a stranger or a store that looks untrustworthy because of the many scams that go along with selling used Apple watches? To avoid the scams we have found the best tactic is to use a store that is buying Apple watches and has a good amount of confirmed reviews on Google.

Once you have found your store that you believe to be trustworthy the next move is to see if they purchase the model of Apple Watch you have to sell. The best way to do this is to call them directly, but if you can't reach them at their store, sending an email is just fine. If you can find multiple store locations that are purchasing your Apple Watch, then you can compare quotes and choose which option is best for you.

Once you have confirmed the price they are paying, it is a smart idea to get that confirmation in writing. You can ask the store to send you an email with the offer and how long the offer is valid. This will lock in your price and give you confidence before you make the drive to the store.

Before you sell your Apple Watch, it is a good idea to remove all of the iCloud information from the device. Use an iPhone and the Apple Watch app to reset all the information on the Apple Watch. This will confirm that no one else can access your information when they use this device in the future.

Getting the Cash

Most store locations pay in either cash or e-transfer. If you were worried about getting robbed on your way back from the store, the smartest way is to accept this payment in e-transfer form. This ensures that the payment goes directly into your bank and that you won't get your car stolen from you. Just make sure you confirm the money has been deposited before you leave your device at the store location. If you do choose to take cash from the store, it would be a good idea for you to go directly to your bank to deposit this cash, or have a safe place to store it.

If you happen to live in the Vancouver and Surrey, BC area in Canada, we have two store locations that are currently purchasing Apple watches. Our company is called Cell Clinic and we have been in business for over 9 years. Please send us an email with your Apple Watch model and we can send you the price. We currently pay for this device. Our email to

Alternatively, you can visit:

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