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Is the iPhone 15 less durable?

Apple's new iPhone 15 has officially been released, and people are now reporting their experience with it. Most of the feedback has been that the phone is very similar to the previous generation, and nothing much has changed. That is to be expected but something more troubling is also being reported

A number of users are now complaining that this year’s iPhone is less durable than last year's. Some people are speculating that this may be done intentionally while others think this may be a mistake.

The iPhone 15 back glass is breaking more often than earlier iPhones

It does appear that the iPhone 15 back glass is much more susceptible to being damaged than the earlier versions of the iPhone. Apple claims that they are using their most durable glass ever but that doesn’t appear to be the case. If you are to drop the phone on its back or sides, there is a good chance that you will break your iPhone's back glass.

If your back glass does break, the good news is that it is easily replaced. We can fix it at the Cell Clinic same day.

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