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How to save money when buying a cell phone

If you are looking to save a bit of money this year when buying your next cell phone, we are here to share some tips and tricks to help you out.

Research has shown that the average monthly spend on a cell phone bill is actually $110 a month! For many, that can be a lot of money, so we are here to help you save some of that!

1. Skip the latest model

Choosing to use an older device and skip the new model device can save you approximately $50 a month. Oftentimes the features on the newer devices are not a requirement and are only a bonus. All the basic features you most likely need will be found on a model a few years old.

When buying an older model phone, just make sure you check to see if the company that produced the device is still providing updates for it. For example, Apple will typically provide software updates for older devices for about 8 years after it is released. After the 8 years is up the phone will still work as normal, it just might not be able to accept the latest software update.

2. Buy Unlocked

If you want to save money and get an unlocked phone, you should think about how often you travel internationally. If you travel often, having an unlocked phone is something you should really consider. If you live in Canada, the phone you purchase will likely be unlocked. If the phone is not unlocked, simply call up the carrier it is locked to and let them know you plan to travel. The carrier should unlock the phone for free.

3. Buy Pre-Owned

Buying a used device can significantly reduce the purchase price of the device. As cell phones and other electronics age, their price starts to significantly drop. If you are not concerned with having the latest and greatest technology you can really save yourself some cash.

There are several ways you can get your hands on a pre-owned cell phone. You can purchase it from a friend or family member, buy off an online site like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, or come into a store like ours. The most important thing to consider so you don't get ripped off is to get some kind of guarantee. Often phones will get blacklisted/reported stolen after they are sold (making them useless) so make sure that whoever you buy the device from you can take it back if there are any issues.

4. Used a cheaper carrier

You can get a better deal by switching to a service provider that has a cheaper price. Many cheaper providers exist now in Canada such as Koodo, Public Mobile, Fido and others. These cheaper service providers use the same towers as the more expensive carriers so your service will not change much.

5. Bring your own phone

By buying your device outright you can save yourself some money on your monthly bill. Typically you can save about $50 a month by not financing a cell phone through your cell phone provider.

When buying a cell phone, there are always ways for you to save some money. Reach out to us at the Cell Clinic anytime for advice on how to save money when buying a cell phone. That is why we are here :)

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