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How to prevent your phone screen from breaking

Today's modern Smartphones are being made more and more fragile everyday. With that said, cell phone screens are more prone to breaking than ever before. There are a few ways you can help prevent your phone from breaking if dropped.

One way is to invest in a good case. A case will help protect your phone if you drop it and can potentially save your screen from shattering. Another way to help prevent your phone from breaking is to avoid dropping it in the first place. Be careful with your phone and try to keep it safe.

Next you will want to make sure you install a screen protector onto your new phone. This protection adds a layer of glass to your device which will ideally prevent the phone from breaking when dropped. The Cell Clinic stocked tempered glass and protection pro screen protectors in both of our store locations. For more information on the types of screen protection please see our page on Cell Phone Screen Protection.

You can also try to keep your phone in a safe place where it is less likely to fall and break. For example, don't leave your phone on the edge of a table or counter where it could easily be knocked off.

Lastly, if you do drop your phone and the screen does break, don't panic. Take it to a professional like the Cell Clinic right away so they can fix it and prevent any further damage.

By following these tips, you can help avoid breaking your cell phone screen.

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