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How Much Is My Used (iPhone - Samsung - Android) Worth

The mobile phone market is very dynamic. Phone brands develop and launch new cell phone models every six months to a year, to encourage consumers to upgrade their phones from the previous year’s version. Take for example the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy A20s, which were recently launched, and as expected buyers rushed to grab the new ones as soon as they were available.

As a consumer, we always want to upgrade our phones to get the latest features: faster running processors, more built-in storage, better camera, bigger screen, etc. And if you do decide to upgrade, you might wonder… What to do your old cell phone, and could it be worth money?! When it comes to disposing of a used mobile phone, there are a few options – you could donate it to an electronics recycling program, OR you could sell it… But how much is my phone worth? And where can I safely sell it?

You could visit a local mobile store or trade it in directly to the brand store like Apple. But another option to sell your used cell phone is through an online platform. Visit Cell Clinic to learn more about selling your used cell phone online - to receive an etransfer or PayPal payment.

How Much Is My Used iPhone Or Android Mobile Device Worth?

Before taking a plunge into the market to sell your old mobile phone, it’s good to first know how much your used cell phone might be worth. A value calculator can help you determine what your mobile device might be worth. The amount of cash or credit, which you will receive for your old mobile phone depends on various factors – see list below:

1. Your used mobile phone is in very good condition. It is not damaged internally or externally. The better the condition of your phone, the more money will be able to get.

2. Your old mobile phone is relatively new. If your old cell phone is between 6 months - 2 years old, you can expect to get more money.

3. If your used mobile phone brand is a popular one like - Samsung or Apple iPhone, it will fetch more cash.

4. If the colour of your used cell phone model is a commonly preferred colour like black or silver, it can increase the value over an uncommon colour like orange or aqua.

5. It also helps to get the highest payout for your old mobile phone if you have kept the original packaging, on-going warranty, original accessories – intact… and include them with the phone for sale.

Now let’s see how much money you can get for your used mobile device – let’s start with the iOS-based Apple iPhone.

How Much Is My Used iPhone Worth?

With the recent release of the latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, you might be considering selling or trading in your older model phone? There are many sites like Gazelle, eBay etc. where you can sell your old iPhone – and you can also trade it in to the Apple store. But of course you want to receive the highest payout guarantee in Canada for your cell phone… and that’s why many people are now selling their used mobile devices online to Cell Clinic (visit to learn more).

How Much Is My Used Samsung Android Phone Worth?

After going through the trade-in prices for Apple's iPhones, perhaps you want to also check out the current trending payout values for Samsung Android phones, Samsung being the leader in the Android market.

Apart from the Samsung Android phones, let us also look at trade-in prices for some other top model Android phones:

Never Throw Away Your Old Phone & Make Sure To Remove Your Data?

It is a good option to sell your used phone and get money from the phone instead of throwing it into the thrash and contributing to environmental pollution.

Another tip - before selling your used phone, make sure that it is completely wiped of your old data. Ensure that all of your data in the internal memory and external memory is completely deleted and backed-up – to protect your privacy, and to not lose anything that is important that might be on the device.


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