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How an Apple Watch Can Protect Your Kids

This year's lineup of Apple Watch has a ton of features that can make your life much more simple when it comes to looking after your children's safety. The Apple Watch can do many things such as track your health and fitness, send messages and quickly read email. You may however be unaware that the Apple Watch can be used as a great parental control tool.

Apple Watch can locate your kids via GPS

If you have ever worried about your child getting lost, the Apple Watch can be used to find them via GPS tracking features embedded into the device. The location of the watch can be tracked on your iPhone or any web browser at any time. This makes it simple for a parent to have peace of mind when they are without their child and help in the case of an emergency.

Carrying iPhone Not Needed

To use most of the features on the Apple watch, your child won't even need to have an iPhone with them. You can also get a cellular plan on your Apple watch which gives the device the ability to connect to your local cellular network. This works great for in-school situations where you may not want your child to be carrying an iPhone with them due to the potential distractions.

Parental Emergency Alert Feature

Apple Watch comes with an amazing feature that allows a parent to send a message to their child's phone if they are unable to get in touch with the child. Geofencing is also available, which allows a parent to set up a boundary area around a specific address. If your child enters or exits this area, you will be notified on your iPhone.

Multiple Profiles to set up your whole family

The Apple Watch allows you the ability to set up multiple profiles. With this enabled, you will be able to have access to gi e multiple children access to certain applications on the Apple Watch. You will also be able to limit the time they are allowed to spend on said applications.

In conclusion, the Apple Watch is an excellent tool for parents and also kids! It can assist you in keeping track of your children's location, send emergency alerts if they are in danger and even give them access to certain apps. The Cell Clinic sells used Apple watches in our store locations (Vancouver & Surrey) if you are looking to save some money instead of buying directly from Apple. We also do repairs if your Apple Watch screen is damaged or your battery needs replacing.

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