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Get Cash For Your MacBook In Any Condition @ Cell Clinic

If you have an old or broken MacBook, Cell Clinic will pay you top dollar for it! Cell Clinic's Highest Payout Guarantee promises the highest amount for used cell phones in Canada — and now we have added MacBooks to our lineup of devices that we purchase.

Even if your MacBook has been water damaged, or has a cracked screen... we will still pay top dollar.

The oldest model MacBook we currently accept is the MacBook Air Core i5 (Mid-2012) which you can still get up to $100 for. The newest MacBook model we currently accept is the MacBook Pro Core i9 (Mid-2018) which you can get up to $2000 for!

To see the full list of MacBook models we will purchase and the prices that we will pay - view MacBook models and payout values spreadsheet.

To get a quote online now for the value that we will pay for your MacBook and to sell your MacBook to Cell Clinic from anywhere in Canada.

We guarantee that we will pay the highest amount for your MacBook in Canada... If you find a higher price, we will match it!

Visit us in-store (in Vancouver or Surrey, BC) to be paid in cash, or you can choose to receive an e-transfer. When selling your MacBook to us via our website, you have the option to receive an e-transfer or a PayPal payment. We accept Macbook’s from anywhere in Canada, and we pay for the shipping of your MacBook to our facility in Surrey, BC.

To sell your MacBook (or other mobile devices, including: iPhone or Android cell phones, iPad or Surface tablets) to Cell Clinic online or in-store.


About Cell Clinic

Cell Clinic is British Columbia's premier pre-owned mobile sales and service company (with locations in Vancouver & Surrey) — a family-owned business with a dedicated team of professionals that have earned a solid reputation for delivering friendly and trusted service. Cell Clinic strives to provide the absolute highest level of service in the pre-owned mobile device (& more) repair/sales industry. Visit who we are to learn more.

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