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Cell Clinic now buying DJI Drones

Cell Clinic is now purchasing used DJI drones at both our Vancouver and Surrey store locations. 

Come into our store and we will pay cash for your DJI drone or send you an E-transfer if you prefer. Simply bring in your used DJI drone and receive an immediate quote and payment for your drone. We consider buying drones in any condition.

We will purchase the following drones from you for cash or E transfer:

DJI Mavic Pro 3 

DJI Mavic Pro 2

DJI Air 

DJI Avata


DJI Inspire

To find out the current price we pay for DJI drones is it the following link:

You can also email us anytime at if you wish to get a quote. 

If you would like to mail in your drone for us to diagnose and pay cash. Please visit the following website:

Cell Clinic also repairs drones if your drone is needing repair and we also sell drones from both our retail store locations (Vancouver & Surrey BC)

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