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Are iPads Worth Repairing?

At the Cell Clinic, we repair iPads and all other Apple products. We also offer the best prices in town and Free diagnostics on any other electronic repairs

The iPad by Apple is a wonderful device that has provided billions of hours of entertainment around the world. It is however a very expensive device that can break when dropped. Apple currently does not provide repair options for the iPad and instead, they would rather replace the device when broken... for a fee.

broken ipad screen

Repairs are certainly possible on iPads and Cell Clinic can perform these at either of our store locations. Our talented technicians can change screens, batteries, buttons, liquid damage or anything else that may break on your Apple iPad which we will explain below.

Saving money

One advantage of repairing your iPhone over replacing it is typically the money you will save. The average price for a screen repair on an iPad is around $150-$200. The cost a customer will pay to replace that very same iPad on average is typically over $500. That means you can save some series cash by opting to take the repair option over the replacement option.

Apple iPads with stacks of cash money

Saving the environment

When you opt to fix your iPad as opposed to replacing it, you are contributing to a greener future for our planet. Each time you choose to fix it means another iPad doesn't have to be produced and shipped to you from the other side of the world (if you live in Canada).

iPad recycling

What can be repaired?

iPad screen repair- The most common repair we see for the Apple iPad is a broken screen. Some broken screens are more expensive than others as sometimes it is just the glass of the screen that is broken while other times the LCD display is broken. If your LCD display is broken on your iPad, the screen replacement will be slightly more expensive than if the glass is only broken (depending on your model of iPad)

ipad screen repair vancouver and surrey

iPad battery replacement- As you use your iPad, over time the battery will start to degrade and will need to be replaced. The process to remove and replace is slightly complex and requires a technician to fully remove the glass screen and display in order to access the battery. Once the battery is replaced, the technician will then need to re-adhere the screen of the iPad. A new battery will provide the iPad with a new lease on life, allowing it to operate just as It did the day you bought it in terms of battery life.

iPad battery replacement

iPad charging port repair- The port on your iPad can wear out as time passes due to constantly plugging the iPad in. There is not much you can do to avoid this problem other than to make sure you are gentle when plugging in or pulling out the cable. The charge port on your iPad can be replaced, however, it is a complex job that does require micro soldering to complete. This job can typically be done in 24 hours turnaround time at the Cell Clinic.

ipad charge port repair canada

Liquid Damage- Coffee, water or any other type of liquid can be very corrosive when coming in contact with electronic components like the Apple iPad. If your iPad has come in contact with liquid the best thing you can do is not connect it to any power and remove the battery connector as soon as possible. If there is no electrical current running through the iPad when wet, it has the best chance of success when being repaired. If you cannot unplug the battery yourself, you may want to consider bringing it into a repair shop ASAP.

liquid damage ipad repair

Whether or not to repair or replace your iPad is a decision that is ultimately up to you, but whatever you decide the Cell Clinic is here to help!

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