8 - Ways To Make Your Unlocked 6s iPhone Work Like A New Phone Again

Apple Phone Model

One of the world's most popular Apple phone models are the iPhone 6 series phones - which have surpassed even some newer models in sales for long after their release dates. You can't go wrong with the iPhone 6s - a solid and fast phone packed with many great features. Here are some ideas to help you take a fresh look at your pre-owned unlocked iPhone — to make it like new again.

Cleans up well

1 - Make it shine - Maybe your phone just needs a good cleaning and polishing. It is not recommended to use any cleaning agents on your screen or on the body of your phone — just use a soft cloth or damp paper towel, to gently wipe the front and back of your phone, edge to edge. Lightly buff the screen and metal edges until they are shining like new again.

2 - Get a repair - Do you have a cracked screen? Getting a screen repair even if you have a hairline crack or some minor scratches will help to bring a fresh new face to your phone. The Cell Clinic located in Lower Mainland, British Columbia, is a great value choice for screen and other cell phone repairs. They offer a 1-year screen repair insurance plan — if you break or crack your screen they will replace it free of charge.

3 - Choose a new case - Get a new case or new accessories. Maybe you have an older phone case or a case that doesn't fit your personality or lifestyle anymore. There are many cool new gadget cases available now that can add fun and function to your phone, like: a back-up battery case, a selfie vanity light case, or a case with Lego blocks attached, and there's even a case that transforms your phone into a Gameboy gaming console.

Gameboy Gaming Console

Gas in the tank

4 - Clear the memory - Maybe what's wrong with your phone isn't cosmetic, perhaps it is in how it functions. You can improve the speed and functionality of your phone just by reviewing and deleting old files and photos. Also review and consider deleting apps that you rarely use. Some apps take up a substantial amount of memory - potentially hundreds of megabytes , which is a lot — especially if you have a 16GB phone.