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Save Hundreds On iPhone Back Glass Repair @ Cell Clinic Vancouver & Surrey

Apple has currently gone back to using the back glass as a back cover, like the iPhone 4 and 4S models. They have done this because the current wireless charging technology is most effective when using glass. The downside though… is that it makes the phone breakable on both sides.

The front screen of these newer devices is easily changed in a repair shop but only some repair shops have the tools and ability to properly repair the back glass on your iPhone.

As I write this blog, the current price to get this fix done at the Apple store is $779 when replacing the back of the iPhone Xs Max! That's an outrageous price to pay -- so we have came up with 3 cheaper alternatives available for you at Cell Clinic Vancouver and Surrey.

Option 1: Replacing just the back glass - This first option is the most affordable option currently priced at Cell Clinic for $149. The drawback to this option is your back glass may not be absolutely seamless. We do our best to re-seal this back glass cover, but depending on how damaged your back will depend on how seamless this new glass cover will sit. The repair wait time is approximately 1 hour.

Option 2: Replacing the full frame and back glass - This option is slightly more expensive option, currently priced at $299. The benefit of going with this full frame option is that you get a perfect result, and the phone will look like it did the day you bought it.

This repair takes approximately 1.5 hours no matter which option you choose for repair or replacement.

Option 3: Protection Pro “Clearplex” - This option is the cheapest but it is not an actual repair or replacement of parts. Protection Pro allows you to cover up this broken back glass with many different patterns and colours. For more details on this visit:

We hope one of these three solutions for you, or you could always just cover your phone with a case.


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