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How To Keep Your Phone From Getting Too Dang Hot This Summer 🔥📞🔥

Mobile phones overheating from general use is relatively uncommon, but smartphones can run hot when exposed to the heat of summer - and especially from being exposed to direct sunlight.

So if you are out and about this summer, and get an overheating warning message, follow the suggestions below - to help your phone stay cool.

Before we start exploring the troubleshooting tips, let's first know all the reasons behind the smartphone overheating issue.

5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Becomes Overheating

There are so many causes that result in the overheating of a smartphone. However, here a few most common reasons behind the issue which we will target and fix in this post.

Direct Exposure To Sunlight

You should never place your phone nearby heat. If you will expose your phone to the direct sunlight, or put it near the stove or any other place in extremely hot temperature, it will definitely become heated.

Overusing The Device

With the development in the smartphone industry, users are now able to run multiple applications on the device simultaneously. However, this has made the phone overheating issues more common.

Overcharging The Device

It is always good to stop charging the smartphone once it's fully charged. If not, the redundant energy will raise the temperature inside your phone, and that will result in overheating issues.

Drained Battery Of The Device

Some smartphone applications (both Apple and Android) eats a lot of battery. It affects the overall life of the battery and also causes smartphone overheating issues. There are a lot of android battery optimization apps available on the app store to kill all the background running apps and get rid of it. Cool Your Overheated Smartphone Following These 5 Tips If you ever find your phone overheated and showing a warning message, follow the tips below to fix it:

  • Switch off your phone

  • Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight by putting it under a towel or anything that you've

  • Remove the case if you're using one.

  • Remove the USB charging cable if it's plugged in

  • Keep your phone in the freezer for a few minutes ( Don't leave it for more than 15 minutes).

Furthermore, if you have anything to blow cool air like fan, car ac or anything, just do it. This action will boost the cooling down process to help you get your phone back to a normal working temperature quickly. Phone overheating is a common issue, especially when you're on a road trip and keep your phone in the cup holder in direct sunlight exposure. The best way to get rid of phone overheating issues in such scenarios is to switch the phone off immediately and then keep it near the ac vent for a few minutes. It will definitely bring back your phone to the normal working temperature level.

What To Do If A Phone Overheats During Normal Uses?

No matter which phone you own, they will get overheated if you will use them continuously for hours. For example, suppose you're playing any game like PubG, which is a resource intensive game with HD graphics, your phone will definitely heat up during the gameplay. However, your phone should not get extremely hot to touch and also it should never get too hot that it shows warning messages.

Furthermore, if you feel uncomfortable with the temperature of your phone, you must close that particular game or application immediately to let your phone get cool down. Also, unplug the charger, decrease the display brightness level, and remove the phone case to speed up the cool down process.

If your smartphone is getting extremely hot consistently, then there's likely something wrong with your phone's hardware, and it will be a good idea to contact the manufacturer of your device to fix the issue. If you're an Apple user, you can make a Genius Bar Appointment by clicking here and if you're a Samsung user then click here to find all the details.

Tips To Avoid Smartphone Overheating Issues In Future

To make sure you never face smartphone heating issue anytime soon in the future, always follow the below tips. #1 Use Only Up To Three Apps At Once You must be knowing that apps are the primary source of battery consumption. Therefore, you must stop using them when your smartphone gets too hot. Just close all the apps on your phone and use only two or three apps at once. It will not only fix the overheating issue but also speed up your phone. So, kill all the unwanted apps on your phone right now. #2 Wipe The Cache Partition On Your Smartphone Another best way to reduce the temperature of your phone is wiping its cache partition. It will not only reduce the temperature inside your phone but will also clean your phone. Also, there is nothing to worry about data loss; this action will erase only junk and useless data on your smartphone. And, here are the steps that you need to follow to perform the cache partition wiping process on your smartphone. Note: This cache partition wiping process was performed on the Samsung Android smartphone.

  • Start by booting your phone into recovery mode.

  • Now use the volume up and down keys to browse the option.

  • Next, you need to select the “wipe cache partition” option and confirm this action by pressing the power button.

That's it. You've successfully wiped the cache partition, and now your phone will not overheat anymore. Also, your phone will work faster now.


So, that's everything you can do to get rid of smartphone overheating issues. We hope you've enjoyed reading this post and it has helped you in reducing the temperature of your phone. So, that's all for now and thanks for reading this post. Also, do follow Cell Clinic on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get all the updates related to the smartphone world.

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