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Cell Clinic's Guide To Purchasing A No Contract Used Cell Phone In Canada

Are you considering purchasing a no-contract used cell phone in Canada and have no idea what to look for to help you avoid unnecessary hassles in the future? Then this guide to purchasing a no-contract (unlocked) used cell phone in Canada is for you.

Buying a brand new smartphone isn't always a viable option, especially for those who don't want to splurge on a high-end device but still want a great phone with features. Buying a no-contract used smartphone is the most economical choice for overall savings (no long-term contracts or financing – and it's a great choice for the environment too.

No matter the reason, it can be tricky to buy a no-contract used SmartPhone. The market is full of faulty and fake smartphones, so it pays to be careful when purchasing one.

The following six tips will help ensure that you're buying a quality, genuine pre-owned cell phone at a good price. Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing A No Contract Used Cell Phone In Canada #1 Say No To Stolen Phones It's the worst decision to buy a stolen phone. Nobody wants to get into legal trouble after spending hard earned money on a stolen cell phone or an illegally misused phone. To safeguard yourself from getting into such unwanted troubles, always ask the seller for a hard or soft copy of the phone's original bill, showing the name of its first buyer. Also, make sure that the bill is original and not a duplicate copy. Open the back cover of the phone, remove the battery and look for the IMEI of the phone. Now match this number with that mentioned on the bill. If details are matching, then rest assured that it's not a stolen phone. It will help you ensure that the device you're going to buy has a positive history and you're buying a genuine phone.

#2 Watch Out For Fake Phones

Today's cell phone market is flooded with a lot of fake Korean and Chinese phones that are duplicates of the original models and brands. To ensure that you're buying an original phone, you should explore the “Settings” menu of the target phone and check the model number and hardware specifications of the device. Then compare the details with the printed information on the sticker available behind the battery of the phone. If both these details are matching, then the device is an original.

#3 Inspect The Phone Physically

You should check the used phone from every possible angle for any defects or faults. Start by checking out the display area and back side of the phone. Check if there are any scratches or dents. Scratches are not a big issue, but if you find any cracks or dents on the phone body, that could indicate internal damage to the phone as a result of a drop. Also, check if the phone has any signs of water damage. You can do so by checking the charging port, audio port and battery of the smartphone. If the phone is equipped with a removable battery, then turn the device off, remove the battery and look for signs of damage. Observe the colour of charging ports and the IMEI sticker. Any change in their colour could mean internal water damage, and that can further lead to slow corrosion of the internal elements. To check whether the speaker and mic of the phone are working fine or not, just make a quick outbound call, and listen to a video with sound. And snap a few test photos to check if the front and rear cameras of the phone are in good working condition, and that the lenses haven't lost their precision.

#4 Conduct A Service Code Test

Most CDMA and GSM cell phones now support service codes. You can easily unlock special codes of any cell phone by just dialling the service code via the phone keypad. The codes are not the same for every device, so you will have to search for them online for your particular cell phone brand or model. For example, for the service code test on iPhones dial: *3001#12345#* and on Samsung phones dial: *#0*# (with no spaces). This test will help you know whether the phone's receiver, sensor, touch, vibrator, LED, RGB, dimming, speaker, battery and other components are fully functional.

#5 Check The Functionality Of Accessories & Ports

If you're buying a no-contract used cell phone with its accessories, then you'll want to review those carefully also. Start by testing to see if the charger is functional by charging the phone for a few minutes, and also by observing the charging speed. Check the battery to see if it's getting warm too quickly or seems to be overheating. Also, check the earphones and headphone jack, if the phone has one, by plugging them into the target phone and playing an audio file to inspect the volume level and sound quality.

#6 Look For The Best Deal

Even if you find a phone that ticks all of the other boxes, perhaps the primary criteria that motivated you originally to consider purchasing a no-contract used cell phone - was the price and potential savings. Before making a purchase, research the phone models that you are considering online and(or) call local phone repair shops that sell pre-owned phones - to get a sense of the average price that you should expect to pay. The going rate for specific phone models can fluctuate, so its important to know if the price that you are being quoted is a fair price. You may find that an individual seller offers the cheapest price of the model phone that you are looking for. But when you purchase a phone as is from an individual, you assume all of the risk of the purchase. To ensure that you are buying a quality phone, refer back to the above mentioned tips in this phone purchasing guide.

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