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What is Micro-Soldering Repair?

Fortunately, most internal parts inside of a cell phone or tablet are replaceable through normal disassembly. In some situations however, a part that needs to be removed can only be done so using a soldering iron. And SOMETIMES those components are so microscopic they can only be removed and replaced with a process called “micro-soldering” involving a microscope.

This process is complex, and can take more time to complete than a typical repair, so it is best to confirm the repair wait time when enquiring at a repair shop. It can also be expensive, as the work required is a very skilled Labour. Typically, cost reflects quality of work, and with micro soldering it is very important to choose quality, as there is a level of risk when doing this work.

Each micro soldering job the Cell Clinic does has a unique warranty period for each micro soldering job and we also have a “no fix, no cost to you policy”. Due to the nature of the repair, we cannot guarantee your phone will work after the repair at all, but we do not charge you in this case. Since the phone can die anytime during the process, we ask you back up your device if you require the data. We are not responsible for lost data, or if your phone stops working during the procedure.


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