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Iphone 7 Screen Repair now on sale!

Oops! You did it again. You dropped your iPhone 7 and its once perfect screen is now cracked pass the point of ignoring it.

Chipped iPhone 7 Screen

In those seconds the phone slipped your fingers but just before it touched the floor, you prepare yourself for the hit, for that nerve-recking sound that we all know too well. As you get closer to review the aftermath, the soul-crushing damage - you hope and wonder if you can still use your iPhone 7 if you only ignore the chipping screen - only to realize you simply can’t disregard that it scratches your fingers when you touch it or that the more you postpone it, the more it has continued to chip away… the screen is done and you know it. No way around it, it’s time to repair it. But then, along with acceptance of what has to happen next- you race across sites to look into prices. You know you need a high quality repair to bring your phone back to the life it was once used to and you fear it won’t be affordable.

No worries, because Cell Clinic has got a SALE on that will take away your cracked phone troubles! iPhone 7 screen repairs are now on sale! Take advantage of this offer before it goes away!

Don’t let your screen continue to chip away and call today! Cell Clinic is here to help.

Check out prices for Vancouver iPhone repairs here:

Check out prices for Surrey iPhone repairs here:

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