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Galaxy S7 Edge "Pink Line" Issue

Reports keep coming of customers who have encountered an annoying flaw on the handset of the Galaxy S7 Edge. A "pink line" suddenly appears on their display without a reasonable explanation.

samsung s7 pink line

Users have taken their frustration online, posting on various forums about this annoying problem which has inventively prompted Samsung to come forward to acknowledge the issue. According to a Dutch blog called Tweakers, Samsung representatives have accepted the presence of the stripe. They acknowledge the Galaxy S7 Edge display runs a pink line across it that only happens when there is no visible fall damage. They claim the stripe occurs only if a handset has been dropped. According to users however, the stripe still appears on smartphones that do not have a broken display, contradicting Samsung statement. The problem according to Samsung representatives, seems to be caused by damage to the device's internal circuits, which are responsible for controlling the screen's direction.They claim it happens often after a fall or crash which increases the risk of visible dead pixels or other screen problems. However, contradicting the company's statement, many users claim never to have dropped their smartphone and therefore feel it could be a hardware issue. Not surprisingly, users are wondering if this is covered under the warranty. Samsung promises repair if its under warranty. But there’s a catch, if users have chosen to get their screen replaced and then the pink line occurs- then this would not be covered under warranty. More over, Samsung will only cover the repairs if it shows no visible damage to the display. Most surprisingly, this "pink line" issue happens very often to the Samsung S7 but can actually happen to any of the newer Samsung devices and can occur at any time.

Thankfully, Cell Clinic can replace your display but the pink line is not covered under warranty from us.

Please Note: Cell Clinic does NOT warranty this issue after we do a replacement display for our customers. For more info on the warranty click here.

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