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Understanding The Fidget Spinner Craze

fidget spinner fad

Fads and trends come in and out of ours lives more frequently than ever these days. Some of them last years, while others seem to be here one day and gone the next. Most of them serve some form of entertainment or logical reasoning behind them starting, but the new fidget spinner craze has many people scratching their heads and asking …why?

The Why

If you are unfamiliar of the newest craze making its way into classrooms around the world, a fidget spinner is typically a 2 or 3-pronged piece of plastic or metal that spins around a palm sized disc. This is essentially a modern day version of a spinning top.

The toy was initially designed as a study aid, to help those with ADHD or focus problems to “fidget” with the object, allowing them to concentrate on their task at hand. Although this was the intention, many teachers are reporting that these fidget spinners are becoming more of a distraction than anything. The toy is actually strangely intriguing/addicting to play with, but its one of those things you need to try for yourself to understand.

Where To Get them

Due to the explosive demand for these items they can be extremly hard to find here in Canada. Most local stores are sold out completely of the spinners and it is unknown when stock will be available again.

Cell Clinic does carry these spinners currently but will sell out very quickly.

For models and pricing

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