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The New iPhone 7- is it worth the upgrade?

It’s that time of year again! But before you run out and purchase the next latest and greatest smartphone you may be wondering… is it worth the upgrade?

Last year Apple introduced us to the iPhone 6S, with the biggest selling feature being the new force touch screen. Now this was received with a few mixed reviews, but for the majority of us this new feature was hardly a reason for upgrading. Other upgrades included a faster processor, better camera, better battery life, and a few new color options. (Which is pretty typical of a new iPhone release).

To be quite frank, this year’s new iPhone, the iPhone 7, feels almost like a reminder of last year’s release. New color (Jet Black), better camera (duel camera on the iPhone 6+), better battery life and a faster processor. There has not really been any real overhaul on the hardware of this years phone; in fact the only real noticeable difference is the removable of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7

Apple did however change the design of the home button, as it is now a non-moving part and vibrates instead of clicking. This may be a bit of an annoyance to get use to, but you do get use to it… eventually. Another big feature of this year’s iPhone is that it is now “water resistant”. Now don’t go jumping into the pool with it just yet; water resistance DOES NOT mean waterproof, and FYI Apple still does not cover water damage under its 1-year warranty plan or with extended Apple Care.

Now… is it worth the upgrade? True, this is the best iPhone ever created. It is lightning fast, camera is remarkable, and the jet-black iPhone is extremly attractive. But in reality, the iPhone 7 is just a very slightly improved iPhone 6S that does a bit better in the rain. Really the only thing your going to notice on this new iPhone is the countless times when you go to play your music at a party or in your friend’s car and are not able to because you forgot to bring along your headphone jack to lightning cable adapter…

So to answer the question is “it worth the money to upgrade?” Well, if you’re still clinging on to your iPhone 4 or 4S then yes, this phone is light years ahead and good for you for sticking it out so long with that device. But realistically, if that’s the case, having the newest gadget probably isn’t your #1 priority. Maybe you will be better off taking a deal on a discounted iPhone 6 or 6S, because in all reality, you wont be missing out on much with this new iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Review

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