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The durability of the S7 & S7 Edge

The evolution of the cell phone screen has brought us many things in the recent years. Brighter & bigger screens seem to be the future of this rapidly changing industry. But with the new developments come some major downsides to the cell phone screens and their lack of durability.

Recently we have noticed this lack of durability is especially true for the newest released devices, the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge. The screens on these devices are very fragile and the LCD display is known to break extremely easily. When this LCD display is damaged, the phone is unusable unless replaced.

At the moment we are currently doing the replacement screens for the Samsung S7 without a problem, but we do advise our customers to be extremely careful with this device after it has been replaced. The display can easily be broken a second time and we cannot replace this screen under warranty, if this situation occurs.

In the past we had been doing the Samsung S7 Edge screen but we have found these screen much more susceptible to being broken and the cost of these screen are extremely high in cost. We have temporarily put a hold re-order and doing the screen replacements for this Samsung S7 Edge screens because of the high probability of re-breaking these screens.

We will be updating our website when these S7 Edge repairs will once again be available. Please check out!samsung-galaxy-repair-prices-vancouver/czy7 for more info.

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