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Phone Cases Galore

One of the interesting industries in the technology and smartphone world are cases. Though they can be as simple as a slim piece of plastic, a lot of people still use them, mainly because of the protection they provide and in many cases (no pun intended), even due to the different look and feel that they provide to their smartphones, not to mention added functionality by including many features such as an inbuilt battery, LED indicators, or multi-layered durable materials for top notch protection. We are proud to say we are an authorized dealer of phone cases from some of the most reputable companies in the market. Let’s take a look at some of them and the phone cases that they provide:

1.Otterbox Cases: Smartphone protection is quite synonymous with Otterbox cases, since they have earned quite a reputation by selling phone cases that feature a lot of measures of protection that range from triple layered cases to added screen protection. One has to keep in mind that these cases will obviously add a lot of bulk to your smartphone and also fails to maintain it’s sleek and stylish looks at the cost of top-notch durability. Many people, including us, can vouch for its protection standards as you can literally drop your smartphone very hard and the case would be able to take the impact, in most situations. If you are commuting to an area where you will face a lot of outdoor elements such as dust and water, the commuter series will set you right on track, with its insane amount of resistance against sand and water, to the point that you can actually use the word ‘proof’ instead of resistant on them. Otterbox provides all of this crazy protection features at a very affordable and reasonable price, and definitely lower than the cost of repairs on your smartphone.

2.Lifeproof Cases: Lifeproof cases are known quality phone cases similar to the Otterbox brand (sister company). However, they do not add too much bulk and trade off protection instead so your smartphone is still more protected than your average case. This is not the only thing special about Lifeproof phone cases as their cases also enclose the phone completely, allowing it to provide unmatched water resistance. This makes it really useful for people who do water sports or someone who often drops their phone in water by accident. Lifeproof also offers their waterproof headphones, so that people who really want to enjoy their music while being around water.. What’s more, is that Lifeproof cases also manage to provide the same functionality as if you were using your regular phone, with the same sound quality from the microphone and speakers, not to mention the recognition of your fingerprint in touch ID since they have managed to provide a durable yet thin layer of protective covering on front side of the case, allowing you to use your phone like a regular touchscreen, save for a miniscule bit of extra pressure that you have to add on the screen to touch. Thus, Lifeproof cases strike a perfect balance between price, added bulk, protection and convenience.

3.UAG Cases: UAG, or Urban Armour Gear, sets itself apart from the flock by boasting a military grade protection certificate on the phone cases that they sell, and it isn’t any joke. The actual military standard is named MIL-STD-810G 516.6, where a case enclosing the phone is dropped a total number of 26 times on the sides, the back and the face from a height of four feet-which is the typical fall height of any smartphone. The device must remain fully functional after the test with no signs of damage whatsoever in order to remain functional. Not only that, UAG also offers this sort of protection covering the front of the screen with any sort of layer, since they wager that the edges of the case protruding a bit higher than the height of the screen is more than enough to take the damage away from your smartphone’s precious screen. Keeping everyone’s preference in mind, they also ship in a number of different colours, all of them looking the same with the rugged hardened plastic that surprisingly weighs very low (at around 30 grams, depending on your model), despite of the top-notch protection that it provides.

4.Battery Pack Cases: These are our special battery pack cases that, as the name suggests, gets you some extra battery life by having an inbuilt battery of it’s own. Since lithium ion batteries can take up some weight, you cannot expect these cases to be light or thin (if you want a decent battery life) but what you expect from these cases is a really good improvement in your phone use since you won’t be hunting for your charger every 5 hours. We have a multitude of battery cases, all with different capacities and with different colours so be sure to check these out as well!

5.Tech21 Cases: Tech21 cases are unlike anything from the first 3 of our protective cases’ offering, nor does it add any battery life to your smartphone. Instead, Tech21 cases are those cases which are simple, lightweight, with no frills and fancy features, and are hence the friendliest on the pocket. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t add any style, since there are a number of different styles of cases available to suit your needs but in the end, it is still the same hard plastic covering on top your iPhone that can handle a drop or two. But, what also should be kept in mind is that these cases don’t use cheap materials, and even though the plastic is relatively decent, it’s made to resist abrasions and scratches unlike other cheap cases that tend to get scratches and more so, show them within the first few days. The sole use of a small chunk of plastic also makes them really good to use due to its small dimensions and a feather-light weight. If you are having a particularly large smartphone such as the iPhone 6 plus that can barely be held with just one hand, this one is the way to go. If you don’t like the styles that they aren’t available in, you can also opt for a transparent version which will show off the beauty of your premium smartphone but is just as good as resisting scratches as other phone cases from Tech21.

With that being said, we can proudly claim that we provide the best types of phone cases there is currently in the market. After all, you can look at our collection and conclude that we’ve basically covered every major type of phone cases available, be it cases that provide extra battery life, or ones that adds a lot of durability to ones that are budget friendly. Come into our downtown Vancouver store location anytime to browse these phone cases. The view our list of phone cases click the following link to our Vancouver Phone Cases Page.

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