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Know the Edge: Everything About the New S7 Edge

From what started as a noodles manufacturing company in 1938 to an okay-ish phone manufacturing company during Nokia’s reign all the way till present where it is arguably the best smartphone manufacturing company, Samsung sure has grown a lot, and not just as an organization, but due to its innovations in products as well. Take the Note series for instance, it was only a matter of time before the experimental series turned into the smartphone lineup that sold like hotcakes. Since then, the most prominent innovation that most people have noticed in Samsung smartphones is the inclusion of the ‘edge’, a smartphone that has a screen all the way to the edge to add extra functionality. The S7 Edge is the most recent release from this rather young lineup. Being a typical Samsung smartphone, it boasts a myriad of features, perhaps so many that you might get tired of going through them all. So, to save you a little bit of time, and to give you a glimpse on what’s new, here’s everything that you need to know about the new Samsung galaxy S7 Edge:

1. The camera: Not everything new about the s7 edge has to be edge related. The camera is (once again) arguably, the best smartphone camera on the market right now, even better than the iPhone 6S Plus. Low light performance is on point, while the colors tend to shift towards the saturated side (typical Samsung stuff), it’s nothing that a few settings in the camera couldn’t change, not to mention the lightning fast launching speed to make sure that you capture the moment.

2. Waterproof: Okay, maybe waterproof is not the right term to be used here, but still, being IP68 water resistant is more than enough to handle your accidental spills on the S7 edge. A lot of YouTubers who have tested can testify it’s authenticity.

3. Edge: Of course, the most standout feature about the S7 Edge is it’s, well, edge or edges to be specific, since there are two of them this time instead of one, and that’s actually better, not because from the quantitative aspect, but simply due to the sheer convenience that it adds. We aren’t going to sugar coat anything: The very first phone that featured the edge (The Galaxy Note Edge) was simply inconvenient to hold.

The edge also takes a bit of practice to hold, but is much easier to get used to. Not to mention that it offers just a ton of different features including new themes, new pages for edge for added functioning, using the AMOLED technology on the screens to display time and date without draining too much battery, themes and a whole new SDK to allow developers to make their apps suited for the edge as well.

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