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Can your iPad be repaired

A broken screen on an iPhone can be absolutely frustrating, but trying to use an iPad with a broken screen is on a whole other level. The broken glass can completely destroy the larger viewing experience when watching a video and in addition the shattered glass can cut up your fingers!

If you have ever had a broken iPad screen you may have taken it to the Apple Store. There you may have been told that the iPad is unfixable and will have to be replaced. This is actually not true, as an iPad screen is extremely fixable. Although slightly more difficult of a repair than an iPhone, if left in the proper hands, the iPad screen can be restored to look brand new again.

Cell Clinic can perform this repair for your iPad screen in around 2 hours time. The screen repair comes with a 1 year warranty on the functionally of the new screen installed. The average cost for this iPad screen repair service is under $100, which is far below the cost of replacing your iPad entirely. For the current prices on each individual iPad Screen repair please visit our iPad Screen Repair Price Page.

If you would like this repair done on the same day, just make sure you bring your iPad into Cell Clinic Vancouver before 3pm most days and we should be able to get this done for you. If you need your iPad screen fixed before closing time or sooner, please make sure you call ahead to see how busy be are and if we can fit you in.

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