A little Info on Cell Phone Batteries

Todays modern cell phones use Lithium batteries to power them. Lithium batteries were invented in the 70’s but were not introduced and used until the 90’s. Today they can be found it almost any electronic device and in every smartphone on the market. The reason for this for this is simple: Lithium batteries store the most energy than any other battery available.

As our battery technology increases, we are able to make smaller batteries that produce the same amount of power. The problem we have is even though batteries are getting smaller, the smartphone that they power are requiring more and more energy.

The heart of the lithium battery is a positively charged “ion of lithium”. Lithium batteries can be charged several hundreds of times over, and last the longest when they are not run completely dead. There are many theories on how to get the most out of your cell phone battery. We have be informed the most ideal way to get the most life out of your battery is to run it between 40-80 percent. Leaving it charged in all night or letting it run right down will shorten the life of your battery. Lithium batteries also age much quicker when exposed to heat. It is a good idea to avoid leaving your cell phone in direct sunlight, as this will kill the life of your battery.

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