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3 Pranks to play on someone with an iPhone

Just in time for April Fools here are a few pranks you can play on someone with an iPhone.

1. Auto correct prank

On someone else iPhone

1. Go into the Settings > General > Keyboards > New Shortcut

2. Change any word you please to become a new word

(Example change the word “no” to the word” Pecan Pie”.

Whenever they type the word “no” the word pecan pie will appear.

Auto correct prank

2. Frozen iPhone Screen

On someone else’s iPhone

1. From their home screen, press the power button plus the home button at the exact same time. This will take a screen shot of their background.

2. Move all their home screen applications to another page (by pressing the app until it starts moving around).

3. Go into their Settings > Wall paper > And Choose a new Wall paper. Upload the screen shot you took earlier.

Whenever they go to click on their apps, absolutely nothing will happen

3. The App Trap

On someone else’s iPhone

1. Go into their Settings > General > Then Click Accessibility.

2. Turn their “guided access” on

3. Then open any app (maybe one they don’t use much)

4. Then press down the home button three times

5. Finally, enter a password

They will then be trapped inside this App unless they know the password.

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