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Should you fix your iPhone screen yourself

If you happen to have broken your iPhone screen you may be considering whether you should have it repaired professionally or attempt to do it yourself.

If you do choose to do it yourself, you will first need to acquire the proper tools. Such websites like Amazon or eBay have the tools you will need to and most the time you can find these tools for less than $10.

Next, you will need to find the actually iPhone replacement screen. Don’t be tricked into buying “just the glass” to replace your iPhone screen. The iPhone glass and the LCD display are fused together, and buying just the glass will not help you in any way.

When looking for a replacement screen you must been in mind there are different levels of quality. If you want to be happy with your repair, and want your iPhone screen to last, we would suggest your buy a OEM or original iPhone screen. If the price is to low, typically the quality will not be great, and your screen may crack very easily or not work. Expect to pay $60-$70 for a quality iPhone 5c or iPhone 5S screen.

Once your receive your tools and screen, it is always wise to watch a YouTube video on how to replace your iPhone screen. If you do choose to repair your iPhone yourself you will save on average $20-30. It may take you just over an hour to do this repair if you have never do this type of thing before.

If you have a broken iPhone Screen in Vancouver and want to get it professionally repaired with a 1 year warranty, visit Cell Clinic Vancouver.

Fix iPhone yourself

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