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Why you should unlock your cell phone

When you purchase your phone through a provider like Rogers or Telus, your cell phone is “locked” to that provider. This means unless you get your phone “unlocked”, you will be forced to use this device only with that cell phone network provider.

Unlocking your phone is perfectly legal in Canada, and many stores offer this cell phone unlocking service. The main benefit you get with unlocking your cellphone is the ability to use it with any service provider you please.

Having an unlocked cell phone is really useful when traveling to another country. When you have an unlocked cell phone, you are able to use it with a sim card in whatever country you visiting. This will save you hundreds of dollars are prevent you from accumulating roaming service fees when traveling abroad.

An unlocked cell phone can also benefit you finically in your own country. When you unlock your phone, you have the freedom to use any phone carrier you choose. That means if you are no longer happy with the service you are getting at Rogers, you can easily switch to Wind or another carrier and keep the same phone.

Prices for unlocking a cell phone vary based on your model of cell phone and the network it is locked to. If you need a quote on the price and how long it will take just contact Cell Clinic Vancouver.

Cell Phone Unlock Vancouver

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