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External Battery Charger Packs For Cell Phones

The major downfall of smartphones and tablets in today’s day and age seems to be the battery life on the devices. On average, an iPhone or Samsung Smartphone battery will only last around 10 hours, with regular use.

It seems like we have reached a plateau when it comes to battery technology, but this short fall has left room for some interesting ways to solve this problem.

One popular and easy way to help combat a dyeing battery, and not being tethered to the wall, is a portable battery pack (or power bank). A portable battery pack is basically an external object that you can charge and use to power your phone if it starts to die on you. It works and looks much like a portable memory stick and allows you to have a back up power source if you are unable to find a wall to power up from.

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Another product, which is similar to the portable battery pack, is the battery pack charging case. This product attaches to your cell phone and not only provides protection if you drop it, it provides a back up power source. This can be very practical if you are a heavy cell phone user who constantly is running out of juice.

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Although we may never find a way to improve the amount of power a battery case hold, we are getting closer and closer to finding a more practical way to charge them. Science is getting close, and at this very moment, people are experimenting with new technology to allow wireless charging. This wireless charging works much like “Wi-Fi”, and can charge your device without ever having to plug it in. Hopefully we will see this new technology soon, but for now we are stuck with external battery packs.

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