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How to unlock your cell phone in Vancouver

Having an unlocked cell phone or iPhone can be very beneficial and can save you a great deal of money. An unlocked cell phone allows you to use any SIM card in your cell phone, even if you bought your phone through another network provider (Telus, Rogers, Bell, ect.)

The freedom of an unlocked cell phone can save you money when traveling to another country. With the unlocked cell phone, you can get a SIM card in any foreign country, and use your phone with a network provider in that country. By doing this you will save yourself, hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, when using your cell phone when traveling.

An unlocked cell phone is not just beneficial when traveling. An unlocked cell phone or iPhone allows you to get a monthly cell phone plan with any local network provider, right here in Canada. This means you wont need to sign a lengthy contract, and you won’t be tied into an expensive cell phone plan. You will be able to shop around and find the best deal that is suited to your needs, and do it on a month-to-month basis. Currently, there are cell phone plans available for less than $50 a month for unlimited everything.

Unlocking your cell phone can be done either at our downtown Vancouver store, over the phone, or by email. All we need to know is the type of cell phone you have, the network your cell phone is currently locked to, and your phones “IMEI number” (unique number to every phone, found in your settings).

Once we have those 3 pieces of information, we are able to unlock your device. Unlocking your cell phone usually takes 1-24 hours depending on the type of phone you have. On Average, Samsung cellphones are cheaper to unlock and Apple iPhones are more expensive. Remember, we don’t actually need to have your phone during any part of this process. For some cell phones, once the unlocking is processed, the phone requires a code to be entered to complete the unlock process. Again this can be done in our store, over the phone, or by email.

The price for this service varies depending on the type of phone and the network it is currently locked to. The prices also go up and down on a weekly basis, so it is a good idea to call and get a quote on the day you decide you want this service done. Saying this, the prices for unlocking a cell phone are typically low ($30-$60) except when it comes to iPhones, which vary from $40-$100. Our cell phone unlocking process is a “factory unlock” meaning your phone is guaranteed to be unlocked forever.

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