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Selfie Sticks in Vancouver

selfie stick vancouver

The Selfie Stick has now arrived at Cell Clinic Vancouver! If you haven’t seen them around the city yet, the Selfie Stick is a hot new item allowing you to capture self-portraits with your cell phone, at a further distance than an arms length.

There are a few types of Selfie Sticks on the market, but the only ones really worth buying are the Selfie Sticks with Bluetooth in the stick itself. The alternative is the Selfie Stick with a remote, but if you loose the remote you wont be able to use the Selfie Stick properly. Lucky for you, Cell Clinic only stocks the Selfie Stick stock with the Bluetooth in the stick!

Although this many not be everyone’s idea of a must have device, if you do plan on doing some traveling alone we suggest you absolutely bring a Selfie Stick with you. The Selfie Stick will allow you to capture pictures that typically would have only been possible if asking someone else to take the picture.

The Selfie Stick will hold most any modern day smartphone or camera. It extends to 40” and compacts down to 9.5”, making it extremely portable.

You can purchase your Selfie Stick in Black or Pink at Cell Clinic Vancouver now on sale for only $23.99

If you are not in the Vancouver area you can also order yours through

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