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Cell Clinic's Cash Payouts Vs. Bell’s Trade in Program

When its time to upgrade to a new cell phone or tablet, many people are faced with the question of what to do with their old device. Most of these mobile devices are still working just fine, or can be repaired to full working order. Why not get cash for these old devices!

Cell Clinic Vancouver is now paying top dollar for your iPhone, iPods, iPads and Samsung mobile devices, working or not.

When comparing Cell Clinic’s cash payments to Bell’s trade in only program, Cell Clinic typically will pay more then Bell gives for a trade in value towards a new device. In some cases, Cell Clinic often pays up to double what Bell would offer for a trade in.

Cell Clinic offers cash for devices that are working, scrached, cracked, broken or not working at all.

Bell is only currently offering a trade in value for devices that are in 100% condition.

For Bell’s trade in prices visit Bell's Trade in Program

To see what Cell Clinic will give you in cash for your device Contact Cell Clinic

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