iOS 8 tips and ticks for the iPhone and iPad

1) Which of your iPhone or iPad’s apps is using the most battery power- iOS 8

As you know, conserving battery life is crucial when using today’s smartphones and tablets. With the new iOS 8, you are now able to see which one of your apps is using the most battery power. You can then decide which apps you would like to continue running on iPad or iPhone.

Here is how to view this new feature on iOS 8:

  • Open the “settings” menu on your iPhone or iPad and go to “general”

  • When in the general tab, tap “usage” on the right

  • Finally tap the “battery usage” location at the top of the usage section

By doing this, you will open the battery usage page, which will show you the how much usage there has been since the last time the battery was charged. It will also tell you the standby time of the device, as well as a list of apps that have used battery power since the last charge, ranking from highest to lowest usage.

2) Add audio to messages in iMessages app –iOS 8

In the past, Siri has not been the best when it comes to typing our messages for us. With the new iOS 8 we can now send actual voice audio clips quickly and easily. You can find this new feature just to the right of where you would normally type your messages in. Just HOLD down the microphone icon to the right of the messages field to start recording the audio clip

3) New keyboards for the iPhone and iPad – iOS 8

With Apple’s new iOS it is now possible to get a third party keyboards on your iPhone or iPad. You can find this option by going into settings – general – keyboard. Here you will be able to add or change a keyboard of your choice. You will also see any third party keyboards that you may have downloaded.

4) Take selfies with ease with the new a self-timer option – iOS 8

The new camera app for the iPhone and iPad has a new function that can improve selfies. The camera app on iOS 8 has a timer that you can set for 3 seconds or 10 seconds. Just tap the timer icon at the top of the screen when the camera app is open. This is extremely beneficial if you happen to own or plan to own a selfie stick.

5) Talk to Siri hands free – iOS 8

The new iOS 8 allows you to connect with Siri hands free. Just simply say the words “hey Siri” and Siri will open, giving you the ability to speak with her. This feature will only work if your iPhone is charging. We find this new feature works best when driving, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel and still talk with Siri.

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