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Study warns of using rice to dry out a water damaged cell phone.

A Study released by Tek Dry provides information that may put to rest the old myth that placing a wet cell phone in rice can revive the cell phone.

The study was performed by DTJ, and aimed to uncover if the common belief that putting a wet cell phone in a sealed container of rice could actually remove the water from the device.

The results of this experiment found that “although rice can effectively remove some moister from a water damaged cell phone, it will not remove the water entirely from the device”

The study also found the only way to deal with a water damaged cell phone properly, is to have its components cleaned professionally. This should prevent any problems in the future and provide the greatest change of saving your water damaged cell phone. The optimal time to seek professional assistance is within 2 days of submerging your cellphone in water. This can prevent the water from corroding the cell phones circuits, causing the phone to malfunction.

Water and electronics don't mix. When water and electronics come into contact, it can cause all sorts of problems.

Water can damage electronic components, causing them to short circuit or stop working altogether. In some cases, water can even corrode metal parts.

It's important to be careful around water when you're using electronic devices. If your device does get wet, make sure to dry it off as soon as possible. If possible, remove the battery and allow the device to air dry.

If you're ever in doubt, take your device to a professional for help. Water damage is not something you want to try to fix on your own.

Below are some tips if to help you with water damaged cell phone repair.

  • If exposed to water, do NOT turn on or charge your cell phone (this can short out the electronic components of your device)

  • Remove the cell phone’s battery if possible. This can help separate the electricity and prevent your cell phone from short-circuiting.

  • If dropped in the ocean, rise entirely with clean water. If salt water is left to dry it will corrode and completely damage your cell phone.

  • If possible, take it into a cell phone repair store within 2 days of exposing it to water. There, professionals will be able to properly clean the device and prevent water from damaging the cell phone’s components

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