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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my cell phone or tablet be fixed?

A. In most cases, yes! Nearly all cell phones and some tablets can be repaired at the Cell Clinic. Even if your cell phone has been badly damaged, it can often be repaired to look brand new.

Q. What happens if you cannot fix my device -- do I still get charged?
A.  No, we offer a “no fix, no fee” service, which means if we are unable to repair your mobile device there is no charge.

Q. How much will it cost to repair my cell phone or tablet?

A. Repair costs differ between makes and models. Some cell phones can be fixed inexpensively while others are very expensive (i.e., screens on newer Samsung models). For some models we offer two price points, which are dependent on the type of damage done to the screen.  For example, if just the glass on the screen is broken and the touch screen (digitizer) and LCD are not damaged, the cost is less, as we can get a rebate from some manufactures for the digitizer/LCD.

Q. Do your prices include labour?

A. Yes, all our repair prices include the labour fee. 

Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. We offer a drop-in service -- no appointments are necessary as we offer a drop in service on a first come, first served basis. Please bring your phone in at your convenience. If you choose to book-online, you can receive a $10 savings, but this does not guarantee you an appointment at this time-- we will advise you on the wait time when you arrive. 

Q. How long will it take to repair my cell phone or tablet?

A. Repair times vary, depending on the type of device, and the work that needs to be done. The average repair is completed within 30-60 minutes.


Q. Can you repair a broken or cracked screen?

A. Yes, we can fix a cracked screen very quickly and often within 30-45 minutes, depending on the model. Please contact us to be sure we fix your device.

Q. What if I purchase a cell phone from you and it stops working.
A.  We offer a one-year hardware warranty on all pre-owned cell phones and iPads that we sell, as long as there is no physical damage to the part that is not working (i.e., broken screen or liquid damage).  Just bring your phone back to the store (or mail if you purchased online), and we will fix the device or replace it with one of equal value. 

Q. Can you repair phones that are dropped in water? 

A. Often a cell phone that is exposed to water can be fixed. Our advice is to power the device off and bring it in ASAP to increase the chance of it being repaired successfully. See our water damaged section for more information.

Q. Do you unlock cell phones?

A. Yes, we can unlock most cell phones if you do not have an account or an account in good standing with the carrier that the phone is locked to. You don't need to leave the phone with us.

Q. What if you repair my phone and it stops working?

A. We offer a lifetime warranty on all hardware repairs, with the exception of batteries which come with a six-month warranty. In the event the part we install becomes defective, we will replace the part again free of charge.  Our warranty does not cover physical damage to the part we replaced (i.e., caused by a drop, pressure on the phone, liquid damage, etc.). 

Q. Do you buy cell phones and tablets?

A. We will purchase most cell phones and iPads for cash or in-store credit. See our sell section for more information. 

Q. How do I return a phone that I purchased from the online store .shop?

A. If you need to return a phone that you purchased from our online store, please 1) first contact us by emailing to: - explaining what problem you have with the phone, and then 2) package your phone in it's original packaging if you have it, and then mail the phone to: Cell Clinic Vancouver, 935 Seymour Street - Vancouver, BC V6B 3M1. 

If you have a question that is not answered on this page/website please contact us. 

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