Your Cell Phone is Dirtier Than Your Toilet!

Research has shown that your cell phone is 10 times dirtier than your toilet seat! Yuk right!?!

We have a couple of tips we know to keep your phones clean with 4 ways to keep it clean.

1) Rubbing alcohol- Cleaning your phone with any type of rubbing alcohol combination will help, but we recommend 90% water and 10% rubbing alcohol for best results and cleaning often. Make sure the device is turned off when cleaning and completely dry before turning it on or charging it.

2) Wash your hands- Washing your hands at every opportunity you get will reduce the amount of germ and virus buildup that would occur when using your phone. Shaking hands is a very common way to get infected so make sure you do this.

3) Keep phones stored away- Not only are conversations improved when phones away, but they are also kept away from possible contamination. A good opportunity to do this would be at restaurants or bars to not keep them sitting on that table.

4) Whoosh Cleaning kit- Cell Clinic stocks device cleaning products from Whoosh at our Vancouver and Surrey locations.

If you have any more tips you would like us to add just email us at

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