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Will the microchip shortage affect the cell phone industry?

Due to a global shortage of “Semiconductor Chips”, many consumers are fearing the ripple effect will eventually affect the smartphone industry.

As new information is revealed, it appears that this shortage has the potential to drive up the retail prices of consumer electronics that need a Semiconductor to function.

The best advice we can provide in this situation is to purchase a mobile device sooner than later, if you're in need of one, as this shortage looks like it will be around for some time.

We are unsure how high the price increases could be (if any) but choosing a strategy of “better safe than sorry” might be effective during this Semiconductor Chip shortage.

We are not experts in logistics or in the original production of electronics, however, we do see more people keeping their devices for a longer period of time.

The Cell Clinic is here to help you keep your smartphone safe and lasting as long as possible!

Below is a link to a Gizmochina article on how the shortage is currently effecting the Samsung Galaxy A Series.

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