What To Do If My iPhone Is Lost Or Stolen

Losing your iPhone can be a first-world nightmare. But don’t panic yet… if you're reading this and your iPhone has been lost or stolen, here are some tips to help you find it (see below):

**If there’s a chance that your iPhone was stolen, skip the following ‘lost phone’ tips… and go directly to the section called: “Tips - If Your iPhone Has Been Stolen”.**

Tips - If You Have Lost Your Cell Phone

Call it - If you left your iPhone's ringer on you might just get lucky and find it by calling the device. Even if it's on vibrate mode you may still be able to hear it. If the vibrate mode is off (on silent) — turn off all of the lights in your house, apartment or room. The phone will light up when called and help you to locate it. If your phone was left in another location someone might hear the phone ringing and answer it.

phone found from calling it
If you call an iPhone and it is lost in a dark room, it will light up the room even on silent mode.

Ping it - If you have another device that is connected to your phone you may be able to “ping it”. Pinging it will make a loud noise and allow you to track it -- even if it's in silent mode. As long as the phone is on, it can be “pinged”. Some examples of these devices could be an Apple Watch or a Tile. If you have an Apple Watch simply swipe up and hit the button that looks like an icon of a phone. If you have a Tile you can use the button on it to ping the phone. To purchase a Tile, you can visit a Cell Clinic store near you.