Water Damage MacBook Repair

If you have ever spilt water, coffee, beer or any other liquid on your MacBook you know it can be extremely stressful.

The best thing you can do if immediately bring your MacBook to a repair shop. Make sure you DO NOT charge the MacBook if it has been exposed to liquid, as adding electricity to it can cause a short or other damage. If you are able to disconnect the battery you should always do this as soon as you can. A water damaged MacBook is in its most repairable condition when arrives with it never having any power to it after the liquid damage.

Below is a photo of a water damaged MacBook that has been badly corroded. In this particular instance we were able to fully repair this MacBook laptop.

Water Damaged MacBook
Water Damaged MacBook

There is a high likelihood we can repair your MacBook once it has been exposed to liquid but if the MacBook cannot be repaired, we DO NOT charge for our time. If we are successful in repairing your MacBook the cost will be determined on what is damaged and what needs to be repaired/replaced. The diagnosis is free at Cell Clinic. We always get you to approve the cost before going ahead with the work. Let us know if you just want us to recover the data of your MacBook instead of fixing it.

There are a few steps we take with water damaged Macbooks which we are going to share below: