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Unlock Your Door From Your Phone

It's very possible to unlock the door to your home by using ONLY your phone, even when living in a condo or apartment complex!

Almost all condo/apartment living situations have an entry system that is operated by "RFID technology". If your building is set up like this, you can unlock your device using your phone. All you need to do is get your Fob copied at the Cell Clinic to a "Sticker Fob" that adheres to the back of your cell phone or case... tap the entry pad with your phone to enter and move around your building. Most cell phone cases are thin enough you can place the sticker on the inside of the case and it will work through the case. You should test this before you pull the adhesive off the back of the sticker.

The Cell Clinic offers this service for only $14.99 -- done in minutes -- with a lifetime warranty (void if damaged).

For more information on "Key Fob" or "Sticker Fob" copies, visit

Now that you have access to the common areas with the sticker fob you will need a keyless entry device for your unit's door.

Unfortunately, when living in a condo or apartment complex, it is almost certain that the strata will not allow you to make changes to the exterior of your home's door. However, you make changes to the inside of the door!

The Solution?

The August Smart Lock easily attaches to the deadbolt on the INSIDE of your home's door, and in no way changes the outside appearance of the door. You are even still able to use your physical key with this setup.

Then simply connect to the lock using the August app and you can unlock your door from anywhere you are in the world! This device is about $200 (models vary) and takes minutes to install. For more information on this system visit

August Smart Lock connects to the INSIDE of the door.

It's time to ditch the keys!

With both an RFID Sticker Fob Copy stuck to the back of your phone and your August Smart lock system, you will be able to enter your home with ONLY your phone, even if you live in a Condo or Apartment Building!

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You can now unlock your home using just your phone, even in condos or apartments! Most buildings use RFID technology. Get your fob copied to a "Sticker Fob" at the Cell Clinic, stick it on your phone, and tap the entry pad. A locksmith can help with any extra security needs.


This is a good way to deal with door locks, without walking to the door you can unlock it. This is a wonderful feature of an August door lock. I would surely get one for my home door by contacting locksmith olympia near me.

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