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Recent Break-in – Cell Clinic Surrey (Video of Thief Trapped & Arrested in the News)

Dear Cell Clinic Customer:

We would like to take an opportunity to address the break-in that occurred at Cell Clinic Surrey last Saturday evening.

A video of the thief breaking into our Surrey store and getting trapped/arrested has been shown on CTV and Global locally. It is also a top-ranking video and story on BBC in the UK.

Therefore, it’s possible that you have seen the entire video on the the Cell Clinic's YouTube channel, or in part, along with the news story on TV/radio or online. 

As our loyal customer, we want you to feel secure knowing that when you leave your device with the Cell Clinic we have done our best to protect it when being left overnight.  

Our stores are equipped with high-tech alarm systems and the best security gates available. We also have various other security measures in place to protect your devices and the livelihood of our employees and the business.

Cell Clinic YouTube Video Link:

We spoke to the local media about the break-in and published the video captured by our security cameras to say a few things, as follows.

Thank you Surrey RCMP! The Surrey RCMP responded to our 911 call immediately and arrived onsite within minutes.

Don’t bother breaking into Cell Clinic Surrey – you won’t get anything of value and you may not get out. The Surrey store has had three break-in/robbery attempts in as many years. Each time we have learned how to better protect the stores and this last attempt is no different. We have, and we will continue to implement further security measures.

Protect your business & home.  There is an alarming number of  break-in's in BC’s Lower Mainland and businesses and homeowners should take advantage of the innovative security measures and technologies now available to protect themselves.

Thank you for your time and your continued support of the Cell Clinic – we look forward to helping you with your mobile device needs for years to come.

Best regards, 

Alex Dechant / Peggy Berndt Owners, Cell Clinic Ltd.

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