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Responding To Your Mobile Needs During COVID-19...

We have made important changes so you and others can access mobile device support during the Pandemic. We get how important mobile devices are to you, especially during this difficult time. The health and well-being of our customers and staff are what matters most, so we have adjusted how we offer services.

Whatever your mobile needs are, we will continue to support you safely through a variety of shopping options (see below). To read the Cell Clinic's COVID-19 safety plan in full, please open the following pdf file. below

Cell Clinic Covid Safety Plan
Download PDF • 427KB

We also encourage you to review our discounts and promotions page for savings now available. 


  • Face Masks must be worn in the store at all time according to and they are available for customers that don't have one

  • Curbside drop off / pick up

  • Mail-in Repairs (standard offering)

  • Plexiglass Shields (Sales Desk)

  • Hand sanitizer for all customers at entry. 

  • Physical distancing

  • Constant store sanitization

  • Device sanitization upon arrival

  • Device sanitization and cleaning with Whoosh at pick up / mailing


There is an increased need at the Cell Clinic for gaming console repairs and the purchase of laptops/tablets. We stock more parts to support the common repairs needed for PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox. We also have access to a variety of MacBooks, and we are looking for broken MacBooks to purchase for refurbishing. Contact us with your needs and we will advise you what we have in stock, or can make available through our supply chain.

HOURS OF OPERATION Vancouver: 9-5 (Monday-Saturday), 11-4 (Sunday).  Surrey: 10-6 (Monday-Friday), 10-5 (Saturday), (11-4 (Sunday)

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