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Now Buying Your iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max!

Cell Clinic is happy to announce we are officially buying back the latest iPhones (11, 11 pro, 11 pro max). We will be paying up to $920 in cash for these devices as of today (Oct.26 2019).

We back these prices with our best price promise, meaning if you can find another online source paying more we match it!

The newest iPhones came with a hefty price tag which many have bought through from a phone provider on a contract. When you purchase a phone on a contract, typically the phone is subsidised, meaning you will be paying the true cost of the phone added to your monthly bill. Most of the time what ends up happening is you pay more for that phone in the long run, due to the monthly fees over the years you have the contract for.

Most people we see selling the latest phone are doing so because they received the phone for free or cheap from their provider on this contract. If this is you, you may be happy to know that your phone is worth a lot of money!

When buying a phone on contract the phone has a high chance of becoming “blacklisted”, making it unusable by anyone. This blacklisting risk is much higher when dealing with newer devices, which Cell Clinic takes on when purchasing your device. This risk is why it is very difficult to get the true value of your iPhone, as if you purchased it outright.

If you are needing cash and you have one of these newer phones, you can get a lot of money for them through our trade in program. This payment is made to you either by visiting a physical store and collecting cash or using our online portal at


About Cell Clinic (

Cell Clinic is British Columbia's premier pre-owned mobile sales and service company (with locations in Vancouver & Surrey) — a family-owned business with a dedicated team of professionals that have earned a solid reputation for delivering friendly and trusted service. Cell Clinic strives to provide the absolute highest level of service in the pre-owned mobile device (& more) repair/sales industry. Visit who we are to learn more.

iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro

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