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Cell Clinic Now Buys MacBooks & Microsoft Surface Tablets

Cell Clinic is excited to announce that we now purchase Apple MacBook Laptops and Microsoft Surface tablets from our retail stores and online portal!

These higher end consumer electronics come with a hefty price tag, and we are here to get you the most back for your used or damaged devices.

We pay up-to $2000 for some higher-end Macbook’s and Surface Tablets!

Your device could be worth thousands, so make sure to check the payout value by visiting the following links:

We advise that when you mail-in your MacBook or Surface tablet using our online selling option, that you package the device very well. We use Canada Post expedited shipping and very rarely do we have any issues, but to make sure you get the most money for your device, it needs to arrive to us in the best possible condition.

If you live nearby one of our locations in either Vancouver or Surrey, BC, you can drop off your device and get paid cash or e-transfer on the spot. This is by far the best and quickest way to get paid — but we also have the online mail-in option, which is still relatively quick and customers typically get paid within 3 days of mailing their device (depending on where in Canada they are mailing it to us from).

We are always looking to add more consumer electronics to our buyback list, so please reach out to us if you would like to sell a device that we currently do not purchase.

To view devices we currently buy and prices we pay - view this spreadsheet:


About Cell Clinic (

Cell Clinic is British Columbia's premier pre-owned mobile sales and service company (with locations in Vancouver & Surrey) — a family-owned business with a dedicated team of professionals that have earned a solid reputation for delivering friendly and trusted service. Cell Clinic strives to provide the absolute highest level of service in the pre-owned mobile device (& more) repair/sales industry. Visit who we are to learn more.

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