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Media Release: Cell Clinic Continues to Offer Essential Mobile Services & Savings... Safely

March 23, 2020 UPDATE:

We would like to acknowledge and thank our staff on the front lines who are happy to help you and your family stay connected during this difficult time. We are very grateful for the support and services they are providing. Ontario and Quebec Premiers have closed all businesses with the exception of those considered essential. Services that support telecommunication equipment and services have been deemed essential in these provinces. To the many customers that have used our services lately and expressed this type of gratitude to our employees -- THANK YOU! Alex Dechant and Peggy Berndt ----------------------------------

Vancouver, March 20, 2020: The Cell Clinic is introducing new initiatives to help ensure Canadians stay connected to family, friends, work, and critical safety information through their mobile devices.

“The Cell Clinic’s priority is the health and welfare of our staff and community… and to remain open in some capacity throughout the pandemic,” said Alex Dechant, CEO and Founder, Cell Clinic Ltd. “Our team is committed to offer our loyal customers and Canadians continued access to mobile devices, which are especially important as the nation practices self or social isolation. Our in-store services are currently available in our Vancouver and Surrey locations, and nation-wide through our mail-in repair and online services.

The Cell Clinic has implemented various new savings and initiatives that we are hopeful will bring relief to Canadians that need money for essentials such as food and shelter, but also need to repair or purchase a mobile device in order to stay in touch.

Cell Clinic staff are constantly sanitizing our store locations and all mobile devices entering the store. Devices are sanitized when they enter the store, and cleaned again with Whoosh cleaning agent before leaving. We encourage customers to take advantage of our mail-in repair and online cell phone purchasing options.

As this situation continues to evolve, we will look to implement more safety measures and services such as drop boxes, electronic payments, etc. so we can continue to deliver essential cell phone, tablet and computer services. For more information on our discount savings and new service offerings please visit or see below.

Contact: Peggy Berndt - 778 995 5053 – -------------------------------------------------------------- Backgrounder: Savings and Service Offerings: MAIL-IN YOUR REPAIR: Request a FREE mailing label @ & receive a FREE bottle of Whoosh when we return your device. Lifetime warranty on hardware repairs.

  1. BUY A PHONE ONLINE: $30 OFF online phone purchases @ www.cellclinic/buy. Enter the code STAYHOME30 at checkout. Free shipping in Canada. One-year warranty.

  2. KEEP YOUR MONEY - 0% FINANCING During times like this, finances can be tight and income for many may be unsteady. Therefore, we are offering customers financing options starting at 0% interest for 3 months to get repairs and purchase cell phones. More information on financing is available @

  3. REPAIR BOOKING DISCOUNT In-store customers will continue to receive a $10 discount when booking a repair online For the safety of our staff and customers, if you are showing cold symptoms please ask someone to bring in your device.

  4. KEEPING IT CLEAN Cell phones are dirty – wash your hands and clean your phone! We are sanitizing the stores constantly. Cell phones are dirty! We disinfect all devices before they are sold/repaired with alcohol upon receipt, and again with the Whoosh cleaning agent before leaving the store. Whoosh is available at the store to purchase.

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