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MacBooks And iPads For Schools

Cell Clinic is now working with schools across Canada, providing repairs on iPads and MacBooks, as well as buying these old devices from schools.

Many schools across Canada are now providing MacBooks and iPad tablets for their students. Cell Clinic’s role with these schools is to minimize the amount of downtime as possible. We do this by providing the fastest repair turnaround possible for those living in the lower mainland and expedited shipping for those that live in any other area of Canada.

Common Problems Requiring Repairs For MacBooks In Schools


The most common MacBook repairs we see coming from Schools are battery issues. Batteries naturally decrease in their potential to hold power over time. If your school's MacBooks are more than a couple of years old, they likely are in need of a new battery to perform like they were new. If your school has a fleet of MacBooks, Cell Clinic has a special discounted rate for you. In order to take advantage of this discount simply email us at and let us know your school's needs. We have a 6-month warranty for all battery replacements. 


The second most common issue we see with classroom MacBooks is broken screens. Often this device can be dropped or the screen closed with an object inside. MacBook screens are known for being very expensive, but replacing them is always cheaper than purchasing a new device. Just like any other repair done for a school or corporation, you are subject to a discount on your repairs. To take advantage just email us at We have a lifetime warranty on all screen replacements, which includes the functionality of the device. We do not do free screen replacements if the screen has been damaged, as this is not a warranty. 

Water Damage

Water damage on MacBooks, is also a very common problem (or coffee damage if your a teacher). The good news is that most of the time liquid damaged MacBooks can be repaired. Due to the nature of water damage, we unfortunately cannot offer any warranty, as it is impossible to tell if the when water damage occurs. All repair shops have to do this unfortunately because we cannot tell if more water damage occurs after we do the initial repair.

Keyboard Or Trackpad 

Some components of MacBooks do wear out with normal use. The most common components that wear are the keyboard and the trackpad. Most trackpads and keyboards are replaceable, but the cost will vary from MacBook to MacBook. Component repairs on MacBooks are covered with a lifetime warranty but only on functionality, and physical damage is not covered. 

Hard Drive 

If your student's hard drive has gone on their MacBook, this can be replaced as well. Any data that is on the hard drive of the Mac will be gone when doing a hard drive replacement, but this will solve any issues your students may be having with the harddrive of the MacBook.

Of course, if you have any issues with your classroom's Macbook’s don't hesitate to give us a call or email. If you do not live in the Vancouver or Surrey area, we do still offer repairs via the mail for anywhere in Canada. We provide shipping labels on both ends to make things as easy as possible if you need repairs for your student's MacBooks.

Broken Screen

This is the repair we see the most with the Apple iPad. This is the problem we see 90% of the time with iPads in the classroom. This is because iPads, when not protected, are easily broken when dropped. The good news is, these screens are easily replaced, and often replaced for a low cost. Costs does depend on the iPad, but if you are school replacing these, the cost is even lower. Contact us at if you would like to find out the screen replacement costs for your school. 

Charging Port

Charging ports in the iPads are notorious for collecting dirt inside and not allowing them to charge. Often these charge ports can be cleaned out and continue working. If attempting to clean a charge port on your iPad make sure to be careful not to damage any charging pins. If any doubt just give us a call, email or come in and we can let you know if your charge port is just dirty or that the pins are damaged and need to be replaced. We do a lifetime warranty on charge port repairs, as long as the pins have not been physically damage. School are also subject to a reduced price for all repairs, just simply contact us to set up an account for your school.

Battery Replacements

Just as MacBooks often need battery replacements, as do iPads. These battery replacements are done very easily if the iPads screen is not broken. If the iPad screen is broken, this will require the screen to be replaced as well, in most cases. This is because the glass screen of the iPad needs to be removed in order to access the battery of the iPad. Due to the high change of further damage to the screen when removing it, it is advised to replace the screen at the same time as the battery, if damaged.

*If your school has decided to provide your students with another tablet such as a Samsung Tab or Microsoft Surface Tablet we also work on these. Contact us at and let us know which mobile devices your school is providing and we will let you know the repair cost.

iPad's in the classroom

The ipad is becoming a popular learning tool in schools because of its many features and apps that can be used for educational purposes. Some of the benefits of using iPads in the classroom include:

- providing students with instant access to information and resources

- allowing students to create and share their work easily

- facilitating student collaboration and communication

- engaging students in active and interactive learning

iPads are changing the way students learn and teachers teach. If you're considering using iPads in your classroom, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you have a clear purpose for using them, choose appropriate apps and content, and provide adequate training for both teachers and students. With proper planning, iPad use can help take your classroom to the next level.

How To Fix Your Schools iPads 

If you live local to Vancouver or Surrey we offer free pick-up from your schools location. You can also drop the devices off at one of our physical store locations (Vancouver or Surrey).

If you are located in another area of Canada and still want to use us for our best price repair and lifetime warranty you can do so for no extra charge. Just contact us and let us know you would like to mail your devices into us and we will provide you with a free shipping label, provided you are sending devices from a school. 

To contact us at anytime regarding this just email and let us know you are calling from a school board.

How Quickly Will It Be Repaired

Typically iPads and MacBooks are repaired the same day we receive it, but if your school has a large amount of mobile devices, this may take more time. If this is the case, we will give you an estimated time for completion once we receive the devices and also let you know the moment they are repaired. 

Do Cell Clinic Buy MacBooks and iPads

If your school is looking to retire its line up of MacBooks or iPads for the classroom, Cell Clinic does purchase these for the best possible price. To find out the value of your MacBook simply visit From there you will be able to find the exact value of your device and print yourself a free shipping label. If selling multiple, just add them to your cart and ‘check out’. If you are unsure of the model of iPads and MacBooks your school has, you can have our staff assess your devices and let you know the value at no extra cost.

How are iPad's and MacBooks being used in the classroom?

The iPad and MacBook are two of the most popular devices on the market right now, and they have been making their way into classrooms as well. The iPads have been used to help kids learn more effectively, while also giving them an interactive experience in a very hands-on way. The students can take notes using their Apple devices, while also working on projects that allow them to collaborate with other students around the world.

iPads are being used in classrooms as a part of the digital learning program.

The iPad and MacBook are being used in classrooms as a part of the digital learning program. The Digital Learning Program is being implemented in a number of stages throughout New Zealand schools. Schools that have been implementing the new digital program for most of the year have had very positive results, with increasing participation and engagement among students.

Schools that have been implementing the new digital program for most of the year have had very positive results.

While some schools are already seeing the benefits of the new digital program, others have yet to see any change at all. Some schools have also reported negative results, though this is still a minority opinion. For example, one teacher said that she thought her students were more distracted in class than ever before and that they struggled to focus on learning material when they had so many other distractions available to them. Others say they haven't been able to notice much difference at all and are waiting for more data before making any conclusions about what kind of impact this has had on their students' performance in school.

One thing is clear: as we move further into our digital age and technology becomes even more ubiquitous in people's lives both inside and outside of school walls, it will become increasingly important for educators everywhere—and not just those working with children—to keep up-to-date on how students learn best so that teachers know how best use their tools wisely when helping kids develop those skills themselves (or get help from someone else).

The iPads are giving children a new way of learning, and are able to store lots of educational software and programs.

One of the most important features of the iPad is its ability to store many different educational programs and software. These programs are able to be accessed by students, teachers and parents alike. They allow children to learn about a variety of topics in different ways, such as by watching videos, reading books or playing games. Some examples of these types of programs include:

  • Reading A-Z

  • Word Central

  • Math 123

These types of programs can help children learn how to read or do math better than they would just be using a classroom book or paper worksheet; this is due largely because they involve more active participation from students (such as completing tasks within each lesson). For example, if you were learning how to write numbers from 1 - 10 on your own using an old-school method like flash cards then it would take at least 10 minutes before even starting this activity! However with one simple touch on an iPad app named "Numbers Counting," all those numbers appear right away as soon as someone touches them! This makes learning much easier since all kids need now is some guidance from their teachers along with some practice outside class time when possible.

The students interact with the iPad through touch in games, or by using an interactive whiteboard to mirror the device onto an input board.

Students interact with the iPad through touch in games, or by using an interactive whiteboard to mirror the device onto an input board. The students are able to write notes and draw pictures on their own or together as a group, with the teacher being able to see what they’re doing from his/her own computer screen.

The teacher can also use his/her computer for other things while still keeping an eye on what goes on in class. This way she doesn't have to constantly stop teaching to go check up on her students' progress or behaviour.

The kids are able to communicate with people around the world through video calls and emails, while also accessing online resources.

The kids are able to communicate with people around the world through video calls and emails, while also accessing online resources. The iPads are helping students learn new things, which is something they would not otherwise be able to do.

The iPad is a great tool for students to use in the classroom because it allows them to access their learning materials anywhere they go; this makes it easier for teachers to teach than having students bring books up from their lockers.

The iPad and Macbook are both great tools for students in the classroom. They can be used for learning purposes, and students can also use them for fun activities like watching movies, playing games, taking pictures etc.

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