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The iPhone 12 Series Ceramic Shield

Apple has made some major upgrades to its front screen this year, renaming the glass “ceramic shield”. This has left many wondering, is it unbreakable?

Many drop tests have been done on the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max and for the most part the conclusion is that the ceramic shield is stronger than previous models, but not unbreakable. We have seen far less people in for screen repairs for the 12 series but we still do see some come in with a broken screen.

In terms of the back glass on the iPhone 12 series, it seems there have been no upgrades into the strength of its material. The back is much more fragile than the front, so a case for your device is highly recommended.

Here is great video showing the drop tests-

The iPhone 12 series comes with a brand new ceramic shield. This shield is made from a nano-ceramic crystal and is said to be 4 times tougher than the previous glass shields. So, does this mean that the new iphone 12 is unbreakable?

Unfortunately, no phone is unbreakable. The ceramic shield can help protect your phone from scratches and minor drops, but it won't necessarily protect it from a major fall. So, if you're looking for complete protection for your new iphone 12, you might want to consider getting a case as well. But if you're just looking for a little extra protection, the ceramic shield should do the trick.

In conclusion, this year's iPhone 12 series can survive some pretty extreme drops but your back will likely break. If your back glass does break on this device, Cell Clinic can replace this back glass.

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